Volume 1- Issue-1-Dec 2014


Depth Recovery and Motion Estimation Algorithms

-Shivani kumra, Niraj Patil


Design and Development of Low-carbon Logistics in Culture Function

-Santhoshkumar.s, Revathi


Detection Of Ns1 Antigen and Antibodyagainst Dengue Virus infection by Rapid Immuno Chromatographic Test at a  Tertiary Care

-V.Rajmesh Prabha , A .Aunuja



Interpretation of Bloodstain Pattern for Re construction  of Crime Scene

-Jaikaran Singh, Zunait Khan



Detection of Outlier Schema for Mixed Data using  ITB-SP and HilOut Algorithms

-G. Ashkan Jahanban, T. Sumit Singh


Performance Analysis of Wind Generator using Fuzzy Controller Fed Back to Back Converter

-P.Madasamy , N.Veerakumar


Emission Analysis in Multi-Cylinder SI Engine Using Metal Oxide Pellets as Catalytic Converter

-K. Parthiban , K.Pazhanivel